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At Off The Hook Marketing we Make it Easy for Businesses to get Big Results

We specialise in Web Design and Internet Marketing, the best ways for small businesses to leverage technology for maximum Return On Investment

Websites that turn visitors into customers

Let me guess you need a website that looks darn good and you could do with a few more customers. Who doesn’t right! Well you’ve come to the right place. Over the last 8 years or so we’ve been creating websites and internet marketing for small businesses in Orange NSW and a few in farer flung places like Sydney and North Queensland. I’m confident we can build you a solution that will get your phone ringing and your email dinging (does anyone even have audio email notifications any more).

The big problem for us small business owners is, besides being the lynch pin of the economy and the last bastion of real productive enterprise… We don’t have allot of spare time, money or energy. And we sure as sugar don’t have spare time, money or energy to gamble on things that may or may not work. We need predictable results, accountability and dependability. That’s why we build our websites on tried and trusted technology, we design with the key focus of conversions, and we put the energy into content, so you don’t have to. Our websites are conversion optimised and very SEO friendly (Google can read them and understand what they are about. Half the battle right there).

What will a quality website do for your business? Allot probably. Being the first contact point for most transactions and sometimes the only contact point for a transaction. A quality website has the power to make or break a business.


Heres what we are good at and love doing

Web Design
Pay Per Click (Adwords)
Web Tech Support and Repair
Web Hosting
Copywriting and Content Creation
Logo Design
Print Design

Recent Web Design Projects

You may already be sitting on a gold mine

If your business is already surviving just fine with an established value proposition and products, a decent website and Traffic strategy might take you to the next level. Some businesses for sure are tapped to the max and running full capacity. But its amazing the opportunities we see being developed by local businesses with a good web strategy.

The amazing transformative power of conversion optimised website and PPC

Good old-fashioned value delivery + conversion optimised website + traffic = predictable results. Unfortunately .. or fortunately we’ve helped plenty of customers who are at the end of the line trying to promote their business. They’ve tried everything the fancy pants consultant told them to do. Burnt tons of cash on courses, outsourced workers, and been drained of energy just trying to get the customers in the door. When we finally get to meet with them they are strapped for cash, time and desperately need results. Would be nice if they saw me first but whatevs. Why do we get the call up? It’s because we have the shortest, surest line to getting quality leads for small businesses, and deploy this strategy day in day out. We’re not fancy, not flashy, we are results focused. If a business has a good value proposition and reasonable sized potential market, we can help them get quality qualified leads. We do this for the least amount of money possible and the least amount of energy expenditure by our clients. But do we cover every base? Sometimes we do, most of the time we priorities and do the most effective things first to generate quality leads. We then roll out the less impactful lower ROI strategies as required.

Are we winning the battle against the Evil anti productivity forces?

Small business owners are the life blood of the economy. You take all the risks, you do most of the work, you get the lowest return, you pay the most tax, you employ the most people, to top it off banks won’t lend you any money to increase productivity, well maybe if you put a lean on everything you own plus a kidney. To top it off the Politian’s taunt you with “Innovation funds” , AKA hot air designed for a headline with the money being siphoned off to Politian’s mates or wasted on those incompetent enough to qualify.

Small business is the productivity and is the source of most real innovation.

And mark my words, there is a war on productivity! Red tape, tax, bad information, lack of funding. For the last 10 years all the capital has flowed in to asset bubbles, no money flows easily to increasing real world productivity. It’s a battle being a small business owner. We are losing but there is hope.

Time to flip the productivity script

So, what’s a small business owner to do when the world is literally out to get them? What we’ve always done, putting our thinking caps on, and creating a strategy to make something out of nothing, lead out of gold, lemonade out of lemons. We find ways to get massive results from small inputs. When we get such great and reliable results, we won’t need to worry about banks, tax mans or red tapes.

Little hinges, swing big doors

Sometimes it only takes one small thing to leverage into a massive result. Good news, at Off The Hook we are the little hinge, ready to leverage big results.

Who do we want to work with?

To be honest there is only so much of my time and mental energy to go around, and to ensure we get great results at a low price point I won’t be putting on hordes of staff any time soon. So realistically I can work with 1 – 2 clients per month. To see if you’d be a good fit, fill in the application form by following the link below and we will make a time to catch up.

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