Key Point Summary

  • Content supplied considered final, content revisions attract extra charges.
  • Revisions to be emailed in easy to understand bullet point list.
  • Web design must be purchased with a hosting and support plan, BYO hosting available with surcharge.
  • Website is deemed finished when supplied content has been added to the site or 7 days after design completion.
  • Standard hosting and support does not cover Custom Form or Ecommerce fixes, tweaks or revisions.
  • Anything that is not covered we can do for our standard hourly rate.
  • Client is responsible for any content on their site.
  • Payment terms are on completion or Deposit and Completion for larger jobs.
  • Full list of points following.

General Terms and Conditions
1. Payment terms are Payment On Completion, projects over $3000 require a 50% deposit and 50% payment on completion.
2. Projects are considered complete when design is finalised and supplied content added to website. If there are delays with content being available the website will be deemed complete 7 days after the design is finalised. Additional revisions will be billed separately and carried out upon payment of the completion invoice.
3. Rates subject to change without notice.
4. Client has final responsibility for content on their website.
5. Standard hourly rate for design, content and repair work from $88 per hour.
6. Non-payment of invoices may result in service suspension.
7. Cancelation of services will terminate services immediately, if a cancelation is required it’s the clients responsibility to ensure all emails and files they require have been migrated successfully prior.

Web Design Services
8. Website content to be supplied in its final form, content revisions will be charged as an addition at the standard hourly rate.
9. Web design services include 1 round of design revisions which includes up to 10 bullet points.
10. Web Design services include adding up to 10 pages of supplied content and 10 images to your site unless otherwise specified. Additional content can be added at our standard hourly rate.
11. Images should be supplied in a size larger than 500pixels wide at >72pixels per inch
12. All revisions to be supplied in clearly understood bullet point list via email. Phone conversations are not useful for revisions as information and ideas can be easily lost.
13. Sit in or face to face revision meetings are not encouraged, however if you feel you need this service it is available for an additional charge of $330 per hour.
Hosting And Support Services
14. Web design must be purchased with a hosting and support plan
15. Bring your own hosting is available for at an additional surcharge of $1100 to cover to difficulty of navigating unfamiliar hosting environments
16. If you choose to Bring your own hosting upon completion no support is offered. No software updates backups, restorations repairs or support and advice available on BYO hosting.
17. Your web hosting does not include email hosting
18. Email hosting may be made available but support services are not available for the email hosting component. We’re happy to setup your email account at the server end, but it’s up to you and your IT person to install the account on your devices.
19. Your website includes inbuilt instructional manual and videos; you will be supplied with a login to edit your site. If you require further training or instruction training is available at our standard hourly rate.

Custom Forms and Ecommerce Systems
20. Custom form, and ecommerce maintenance and adjustments are not included in the standard Hosting and Support. Changes, fixes and adjustments to custom forms and ecommerce are billed at the standard hourly rate or $150 per hour for complex coding solutions. Various factors such as server requests and necessary software updates can cause custom forms and ecommerce systems to play up. These are usually easily fixed and available for at the standard hourly service rate.

Domain Names
21. To set your website live we will need to point the domain to the hosting account.
22. Client is to provide correct domain account login.
23. We can chase domain login information for you for the rate of $150.

Content Development Services
24. Writing content and creating images are not included as part of a standard website design package but is available as a standalone service.
25. Content development is available for between $80 -$150 per hour.
26. Writing and content creation is difficult time consuming and hard work so bear in mind content development costs can easily triple the cost of the actual web design.

Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns
27. Local PPC campaigns are billed monthly with management fees ranging from $250 -$500 per month (depending on campaign size) local campaigns may have this amount plus the ad spend combined in 1 invoice to be paid monthly upon receipt of invoice.
28. Larger PPC campaigns have the management fee billed separately as a percentage of monthly ad spend from 40% – 13% (Depending on campaign size and complexity)
29. Larger PPC campaigns will have a credit card payment go directly to Google for their ad spends Google usually bills every $1000.

Consulting Services
30. At Off The Hook Marketing we love solving problems for our clients, to ensure we can provide the correct priority and focus to a particularly problem, consulting services are available from $150 per hour

Refunds and Exchanges
31. Being a service and consulting based business, no refunds or exchanges are available.