Service Price List

Prouct and servicesPrice
Website building - Base build up no design or consulting included460
Build my web project in the standard 2 - 4 weeks
Priority build my website within 10 days500
Client engagement and discovery
Personal consultation500
1 Meeting only - client engagement200
Use online portal for needs analysis and creative0
Art direction and curation for website
Art Direction - Model design350
Supplied design0
Sketch supplied350
Theme build - build from pre made theme150
Full design and preview - 1 design with up to 3 revisions700
Premium design up to 3 designs and up to 5 revisions1850
Super premium design - many designs and revisions4900
Domain BYO design supply correct login details0
Domain registration 24 months (
Find a suitable domain for you (up to 1 hour)88
Domain password - help recover lost password (up to 1 hour)88
Logo design
Logo supplied in correct format for web design project0
Logo design - Up to 3 designs and up to 5 revisions700
No logo required0
Content services
Content supplied0
Add supplied text and images - up to 10 pages500
Content creation - write home and about page content up to 500 words770
Content edited - supplied content to be edited for use on the website550
Ecommerce system installed and setup with PayPal gateway and Aus Post shipping660
Add 10 x simple products (no variations) to the web store - content supplied50
Add 10 x variable products to the Web Store - content supplied200
Custom form development 20 fields including conditional logic and products500
SSL certificate install 12 months490
Membership system setup and configured A member1900
Training 1 hour on-site training (plus $1 per km travel)240
Local PPC Campaign build 100 keywords, 100 ads1000
State PPC Campaign build 500 keywords, 500 ads2000
National PPC Campaign build 1000 keywords, 1000 ads3000
Hosting and support
Hosting and support per month39